SWR Institute has several standing and ad hoc committees that provide the manpower and expertise to achieve the many initiatives of the Institute. It is within the committees that members come together to express and brainstorm ideas that will better the Institute and the industry, so having active leaders and members is crucial.


  • Brand Awareness
  • Membership
  • Product Validation
  • Program Planning
  • Safety
  • SWR Foundation
  • Technical Resources
  • Training Validation
  • Skilled Labor Ad Hoc
To learn more about what each committee does and what is expected of the volunteers, click here. 

The committees are all volunteer-based and work very hard in developing programs and publications that benefit membership and the industry. If you are interested in sharing your time and expertise on a committee, please contact HQ. 


Kelly Getz

Darin Cielocha

Product Validation Committee Chair
McGill Restoration, Inc.
Omaha, NE
Kelly Getz

Kelly Streeter

Safety Committee Chair
Alta Access
Ithaca, NY

Jessica Maguire

Safety Committee Co-Chair
Allied Waterprooging, Inc.
Willowbrook, IL

Larry Burkhardt

Training Validation Chair 
Rosedale, MD

Scott Hoppenworth

Christopher Perego

Program Planning Chair
BASF Corporation
Shakopee, MN
Diane Kaese

Melissa Cassel

Membership Committee Chair
Pecora Corporation
Hatfield, PA
Diane Kaese

Diane Kaese

Technical Resource Committee Chair
Kaese Architecture PLLC
New York, NY

Sara Wolfe

Brand Awareness Chair
Amtech Solutions
Austin, TX
Kelly Getz

Kelly Morris

Brand Awareness Committee Co-Chair
Construction Tie Products, Inc.
Michigan City, IN