Product Validation

SWR Institute is proud of its Validation Programs, which began over 15 years ago with liquid sealants. Today the program includes many other types of products used in our industry. The Product Validation Program is designed to validate certain performance data that is found on manufacturer's datasheets.  All of our validation programs are voluntary and laboratory tests are conducted by approved independent laboratories. This offers assurance to end users that the products included under our Product Validation Program match or exceed the performance data reported on their datasheet. The Validation Seal granted to successfully validated products has a specific time frame which upon expiration, the manufacturer has to re-submit the product for new testing. Additionally, if there is a change in formulation, the manufacturer has to submit for new validation. The SWR Institute's Product Validation Program is another tool that end-users, specifiers, designers and engineers can use to ensure the effectiveness of products they want to use.