Utah Liquor Laws

Utah is unique in many ways.  When it comes to ordering a drink, you won’t confuse Salt Lake City with Milwaukee; however, Utah’s reputation as a “dry state” is about as current as cassette tapes, VCRs and most of Dave Kimble’s wardrobe.  Keep these handy tips in mind and you will blend in like a local.

Tips for quenching your thirst:
  • All people ordering alcohol will be carded!  Even Moses gets carded at The Beehive Pub on Main Street. 
  • Beer on tap is called “Low Point Beer” and maxes out at an ABV of 5%
  • “High Point Beer” is anything over 5% ABV and is only sold in cans or bottles
  • The max pour for liquor is 1.5 ounces per drink.  No double Tito’s!
  •  You can order a “flavor” shot to go with your cocktail. 
  • Tip: find a buddy who doesn’t drink what you do, you each order “flavor shots” and then work out an exchange
  • Wine by the glass in 5 ounces, thing about buying a bottle for your table
  • If you are drinking in a restaurant, you will be required to order food
  • The state of Utah has a monopoly on alcohol: bottles of liquor and wine must be purchased at a state-owned liquor store.  The closest DABC Store is on the corner of 200W and 400S
  • Low point beer may be purchased at grocery stores.  The best selection near the Grand America Hotel is Harmon’s.  The closest location is at 100S and State Street
  • All the local breweries sell carry-out. 
Caveat Emptor!
The blood alcohol limit for drivers in Utah is 0.05%.  It’s not worth the risk.  Take an Uber or Lyft.  Salt Lake is an easy town to traverse.  Even if you are going up to Park City – it’s a short drive.  Get a ride!
Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.  Salt Lake City sits at an elevation of 4,226 feet.  Alcohol + elevation = a headache.

A local’s list of local watering holes
  • Beehive Bar
  • Beer Bar
  • Copper Common
  • Fisher Brewing
  • Gracie’s Gastropub
  • The Green Pig
  • High West (Park City + Wanship)
  • Lake Effect
  • Purgatory Bar
  • Squatters Brewing
  • TF Brewing
  • Under Current Bar
  • Wasatch Brewing
  • White Horse Spirits & Kitchen