Verified Contractor Program

About the Verified Contractor Program
The Verified Contractor Program is an SWR Institute sponsored resource to assist design professionals, general contractors, facility/property managers, and building owners (aka End Users) in the contractor selection process. It allows End Users to systematically and consistently identify and select appropriate contractors for sealant, waterproofing and restoration projects. The information included in the Verified Contractor Program is based on reliable and useful quantitative data that has been verified by a third party. The Verified Contractor Program can be used for both qualification based selection or the pre-qualified-bid processes.

Benefits for Contractors
All contractors would rather negotiate a fair contract price or participate in a fair bidding process with like-minded competitors to provide quality services at a reasonable price. The Verified Contractor Program helps End Users identify quality companies, like yours. Also eliminate the need for preparing Contractor Qualification Statements when all you have to do is to refer potential clients to SWR Institute's Searchable Directory for verified information about your company.

This program is only available to SWR Institute Member Contractors.  

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