Winter Technical Meeting

2021 Winter Technical Meeting
March 7 - 10
Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach
Honolulu, HI

No one can know precisely what the status of the viral threat will be in March of 2021, but headquarters will keep you updated on the status of this meeting. 

In the event that there is a significant “second wave” that would stimulate increased travel restrictions or diminish the quality of the meeting due to exceptional social distancing requirements or crowd limitations, HQ and the Board of Directors will take every measure to ensure the safety of all attendees. Which may include canceling the meeting, selecting an alternate venue, or providing an enhanced virtual experience. 

At this time, registration is not open for this meeting. 

Our Winter Technical Meeting are held each year in either February or March. The meetings are held in appealing locations throughout the country with well-designed, informative programs.  Typically our meetings have between 150-225 attendees which are comprised of contractors, senior level manufacturer representatives and design professionals. We feel the size of our meetings provides attendees with more opportunities for interaction with other members. What really sets our meetings apart from other industry meetings is our members' willingness to share information, not only about what went right with a project, but also what went wrong.