Career Development


Our industry grows 2-3% every year, even in recessions. Restoration has NEVER seen a DECLINE in growth. Therefore, in the years where new construction goes down 20-30%, Restoration might stay even or go up 1%. SWR Institute has more than 280 leading companies, representing commercial contractors, manufacturers, design professional & consultants.  

SWR Institute holds two meetings a year with a strong focus on the practical and real “hands-on” educational sessions.  Typically meeting attendees are comprised of 60% contractors, 20% senior level manufacturer representatives and 20% design professional.  Attend one of our technical meetings to learn from the very best top professionals in our industry and hear ALL the career opportunities offered within our industry.  If you are interested in attending our Fall Technical Meeting, check out our Future Leaders Grant Program and see how you can attend one of our Technical Meetings by receiving a scholarship grant. 

Plus, we award academic scholarships to students whose degree or study would be directly relevant to the sealant, waterproofing or restoration industry. Complete our SWR Foundation application today.  We are always accepting applications and are looking for qualified students to give them to.

SWR Institute can connect you with a career in the sealant, waterproofing, restoration industry that fits your personality and lifestyle.