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The SWR Institute Safety Committee has compiled a variety of safety related videos that your company can use as a training and information resource. The SWR Institute focuses on fall protection, respiratory protection and various other safety methods to make the job site the safest place possible for our workers. For more information on SWR Institute safety initiatives visit or contact

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CPWR Safety Videos
OSHA Respiratory Protection Videos
US Department of Labor - Respirator Safety
NIOSH FACE Animated Videos


CPWR Safety Videos

The Center for Construction Research and Training is a nonprofit institution working under a cooperative agreement with NIOSH.  CPWR’s new ultra-short videos bring a NIOSH FACE/Fatality report to life.  Each of the three videos gives the task, stats on the hazard, conditions and decisions on the actual construction site that led to the worker’s death.  Plus, these videos gives a NIOSH investigator’s recommendations to help prevent a similar tragedy.  Each video posted on YouTube has an accompanying Toolbox Talk, poster and one-page Hazard Alert (handout), plus a link to the original FACE.

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CPWR also has other videos and DVDs covering ergonomics, protection from fumes and dusts, disaster response and how workers have suggested ways to improve safety.  Worker "Tip Sheets" are also available.

Boom Pre Start Inspection and
Function Test

Eye Protection English

Fall Protection English

Fall Protection Spanish

Hand Laceration English

Hand Laceration Spanish

No New Year – trench collapse

Look Up and Live – electrocution from overhead
power lines

A Simple Task – fall from a stepladder



OSHA Respiratory Protection Videos

OSHA provides a variety of training videos related to respiratory protection. Topics include fit testing, medical evaluations, respiratory protection in general industry, respirator types, voluntary use of respirators, respiratory protection in construction, training requirements, respiratory protection for healthcare workers, the differences between respirators and surgical masks, donning & doffing, counterfeit respirators, maintenance and care, and the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard ( 1910.134 ). Many are offered in both English and Spanish.

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US Department of Labor

Respirator Safety

Respirator Safety - Spanish

NIOSH FACE Animated Videos

NIOSH’s Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program is a research program designed to identify and study fatal occupational injuries. The goal of the FACE program is to prevent occupational fatalities across the nation by identifying and investigating work situation at high risk for injury and then formulating and disseminating prevention strategies to those who can intervene in the workplace. More FACE reports can be found at


Avoiding Fatalities: Police Officer Run Over
by a Dump Truck

Avoiding Fatalities: Engineering Technician Run
Over and Killed by Backing Dump Truck

Avoiding Fatalities: Worker Dies After Being
Run Over by a Caterpiller

Avoiding Fatalities: Asphalt Roller
Crushes Flagman

Avoiding Fatalities: Flagger Fatally Injured
When Struck by a Car at a Highway Work
Zone in Washington State

Avoiding Fatalities: Three Construction Workers
Killed After Being Struck by a Bus in a
Highway Work Zone

Avoiding Fatalities: Inspector Run Over by
an Asphalt Truck

Avoiding Fatalities: Hispanic Laborer on
Roadway construction Work Site Run Over
and Killed by a Backing Flat Bed Dump
Truck – North Carolina