Award of Excellence: How to Submit

SWR Institute invites contractor members to present their projects through the Award of Excellence Program. This program provides an excellent opportunity to gain national recognition for your unique project accomplishments. 

One easy way to submit your project for the Award of Excellence:
Submit Online
Download Submittal Forms (For MAILED submissions only. Otherwise, these forms are included on the online submission)
Authorization Form

   2.) Project Application Form
Project Information Form

Please complete, sign and email submittal forms to

Click here to read the brochure and terms/conditions of the Program. 

*Submissions must be received by November 30

Mailed Submission Checklist
Submission must include: Photographs/Drawings (online submission does not allow you to attach photos, so you must email those seperately) 
Submit all photos to
  • 15 Maximum Photographs, Figures and/or Drawings
  • All Images to be Anonymous
  • Designate 1 Image for Award Plaque
  • Images from Minimum 8 Mega Pixel Camera
  • Images Owned by Submitter
Key Points to Consider: 
  • Projects under consideration will be reviewed by a committee consisting of one of each of our membership categories: Contractor, Associate and Manufacturer. The evaluation criteria will not only bring recognition to the applying members, but also provide a service to our Industry.
  • The Award of Excellence will be limited to one per year. 
  • Projects can either be new construction and/or remedial repairs
  • Only contractors can submit and win the Award of Excellence
  • Projects must score a minimum of 90 out of 100 to win an award. In the event of multiple submittals, the project with the highest score will be designated the winner.
Winners will not only receive peer recognition, but it is an excellent way to highlight your company as a ‘can do with honors’ type of organization!

Contact SWR Institute Headquarters with any questions, 816.472.7974 or

2021 AOE Winners 
Click here to read Press Release

West Virginia State Capital Dome Moisture Intrusion Repair Project
Pullman SST, Inc.

Crescent Shores Exterior Facade Repairs
Stone Restoration of America, Inc.

Senator Hotel Office Building
Pullman SST, Inc.

2020 AOE Winner
First Baptist Church - Facade Restoration
WxProofing LLC

2019 AOE Winner
Christ Cathedral Exterior Remediation
Century Building Solutions, Inc.