Technical Bulletins

The Technical Bulletins are a quick and ready resource covering a variety of topics relevant to those working in the sealant, waterproofing and restoration industry. 

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1. Elastomeric Wall Coatings

2. Exterior Stone Restoration 

3. Mortar Joint Removal 

4. Repointing Mortar Joints 

5. Clear Water Repellent For Masonry 

6. Below Grade Waterproofing – Sheet Membrane 

7. Liquid Sealant Types and Uses 

8. Fiber Reinforced Composites 

9. Vehicular Deck Coatings

10. Urethane Grout Injection

11. Epoxy Injection

12. Terra Cotta 

13. Green Roof Applications

14. Through-Wall Flashing 

15. Restoration Cleaning of Masonry Facades

16. Air Barriers 

17. Factory-Fabricated Expansion Joint Transitions