Clear Repellents

The Clear Penetrating Vertical Water Repellent Validation Program was established to validate the published test results of the various vertical water repellent products on the market. The intent of the program is to provide specifiers and end-users of sealant products an unbiased method to judge whether vertical water repellent products will perform at the levels of the manufacturer's published data sheet for that particular product.

Performance Properties Profile

Validation of the SWR Institute Performance Properties Profile shall include the following ASTM tests:

Water Absorption

►ASTM C67 – Brick
►ASTM C140 – CMU
►ASTM D6532 – Concrete

Water Vapor Transmission

►ASTM D6490 – Concrete

Please Note: All ASTM tests performed shall be conducted under the standardized criteria set forth in Appendix A. All ASTM tests performed shall be of the latest or current edition. Test to stated capabilities published on the Manufacturer’s technical data sheets.

Validation shall remain in effect for five years from the date of the validation testing. In the event the vertical water repellent product is re-formulated by the manufacturer, the product must be re-tested and re-validated. Upon expiration of the validated product, it must be re-submitted for testing even if no changes have been made to the product.