Wall Coatings

The SWR Institute Wall Coating Validation Program was established to validate the published test results of the various wall coating products on the market. The intent of the program is to provide specifiers and end-users of wall coating products an unbiased method to judge whether wall coating products will perform at the levels of the manufacturer's published data sheet for that particular product.

Performance Properties Profile

Validation of the SWR Institute Performance Properties Profile shall include the following tests:

► ASTM D 2697 - Solids content by volume and density
► ASTM D 6904 - Wind-driven Rain - Test procedure at required film thickness. Tested at specified film thickness.
► D1653 - Moisture Vapor Transmission - at required film thickness - wet cup testing.
► ASTM D 412 or ASTM D 2370 - Tensile Strength/Elongation @ Break - at required film thickness @ 20 inches/minute.
► EN 1062-7 (Method A) - Crack Bridging. Test at manufacturer’s stated thickness. Tested at temperatures equal to one or more of: 73°F, 32°F, -15°F, or the Manufacturer’s stated temperatures. The lab shall use the following cure/conditioning schedule for the Product:

Please note: All tests performed shall be of the latest or current edition. All tests performed, with the exception of Resistance to Wind-driven Rain, shall NOT be modified in any way. Wall coating color for testing shall be selected from a manufacturer's standard color chart. Test to stated capabilities published on the manufacturer's technical data sheets.