The Cementitious Concrete Materials Validation Program was established to validate the published test results of the various cementitious concrete materials products on the market. The intent of the program is to provide specifiers and end-users of products an unbiased method to judge whether cementitious concrete materials will perform at the levels of the manufacturer's published data sheet for that particular product.

Performance Properties Profile

Validation of the SWR Institute Performance Properties Profile shall include the following ASTM tests:

►ASTM C 143 Slump (extended) or ASTM C 109 Flow (mortar)
►ASTM C 403 Set Time (extended) or ASTM C 191 (mortar)
►ASTM C 39 (extended) or ASTM C 109 (mortar) Compressive Strength - 3 hour, 1/7/28 day readings
►ASTM C 1583 Bond Strength - 28 day reading
►ASTM C 157, modified per ASTM C 928 Length Change - 28 days (air & water storage)

Please note: All ASTM tests performed shall be of the latest or current edition. Test to stated capabilities published on the Manufacturer’s technical data sheets.

Validation for any product tested shall remain in effect for a period not to exceed five (5) years from the date of which the Validation Testing is done, so long as the product is not reformulated by manufacturers in such a way as to effect any of the characteristics tested and validated or manufacturer makes claims above and beyond those that were tested and verified by the independent testing laboratory.