If the training program is validated, the company must provide a monitor or proctor to be present during the training to insure that the training complies with the guidelines of the Validated Training Program Agreement. The training can be video recorded and reviewed off site by the proctor if preferred. The monitor/proctor must be one of those listed in the submission of the Validated Training Program Registration Package. The monitor/proctor shall notify the SWR Institute and the company providing the training whether the individual training course meets the agreed upon course objectives. Cost of the monitor/proctor (if any) will be borne by the company.

If the program fails to meet the training guidelines, the member has ninety (90) days to convene a subsequent training program in which the monitor/proctor has indicated that the training course meets the required elements. If the company fails to convene a course within ninety (90) days or if said course does not include the required elements, then said validation will be terminated.

The company must notify SWR Institute of any material change to the information submitted on or with the original application for validation.