Submission and Review


The Validated Training Course must include certain minimum standards to be considered. These minimum standards are listed on the Validated Training Program Agreement and Registration Form. Courses that exceed minimum standards are not only acceptable, but encouraged. The proposed Validated Training Program shall be submitted to SWR Institute with all of the components, including: a printed course outline, training manual, list of video, audio or printed references, resumes of training staff, copies of the written examinations and a list of proposed monitors/proctors that will be available to review the program to insure that the program follows the course outline.

On January 27, 2021, SWR Institute held a webinar to go over how to create a Validated Training Program, the challenges and beneifts of a Validated Training Program. Click here to view webinar recording. 


SWR Institute Validation Committee will review the submission for compliance with the Validated Training Program requirements and approve or return the program to the applicant.