Each validated program has a term of five years from the date of validation unless terminated earlier as provided in the Validation Program Agreement. In addition, if the validated program is reformatted in such a way as to affect any of the characteristics validated, the validation approval status becomes void. The member must resubmit the new program and pass the validation procedure to obtain a new validation status. A new validation agreement and seal will be issued for such situations.

Any misrepresentation of the Validation Seal as signifying anything other than the validation of the training program or the misuse of the Validation Seal in any way may be grounds for SWR Institute, in its sole judgment, to withdraw the Validation Certificate and the company’s right to use the Validation Seal.

Upon expiration of the validated program, the program must be resubmitted for approval, even if no changes have been made.


Any appeal shall be submitted in writing to the validation committee chair person who will then review matters with the Institute’s Executive committee for an unbiased decision. Results will be forwarded to the applicant of this decision.